Let the children speak.

“Let them come to me ; do not stop them. The Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.” Wise words spoken by Jesus Christ to his disciples. The Son of God himself acknowledged the importance of children in society.

At the tender age of about thirteen-years old Jesus Christ had started preaching the Lord’s word. He was performing miracles. The Son of God was saving people ; physically and spiritually. It is evident that a million years before the present children were seen and heard ; considered valuable contributors in the world. Nowadays it seems that has been forgotten-completely!

I am a young, Xhosa , black boy . What that automatically means is that my opinion , my thoughts are irrelevant to my elders. But no ,I come from a more modern family whereby I am included in most decision-making processes and my word counts. Parents ( or adults in general ) tend to speak only and neglect the converse of this act-the beautiful and rare art of listening to and considering a child’s humble opinion as one would, if it were an adult’s. The youth is generally more open-minded about major issues in society than the senior members therefore offer an unbiased and almost accurate analytical view on such matters.

On an annual basis for our language classes we are expected to stand before our peers and deliver a speech on a particular topic. All this is being done in the name off ‘grooming future leaders.’ If society expects excellent public speakers and such from us in preparation for being leaders of tomorrow then it is only fair to expect to be allowed to speak our minds. Freedom of Speech is most probably the best part of the Constitution. If only society’s leaders weren’t so rigid and one-dimensional. How are we expected to be confident, assertive and have high self-esteems if we are shut down ?

On a daily basis more than one woman is raped everyday. It is usually someone the victim knows : A family friend ; a father or an uncle. In most cases when the victims are questioned as to why another adult was not told about this ; they shockingly reply that no-one was willing to lend an ear. They were not believed. If children were taught in all aspects of life to speak there would be fewer problems.

I might be a young-adult. I might be considered ‘half-a-man’ at this stage but no matter what category i might be placed under I will always be a human being ; not half. It seems to be a norm amongst adults to make all decisions for us children. At the age of sixteen years am I really a child? A dog barking outside and a child speaking to his parents about house-rules and their ammendments seems to be of equal weight. Who would break a rule when he was part of its development? If we work hand-in-hand ; junior and senior members of society sharing ideas , views on plans to prosper and move forward.

Phila Dyasi is an acitivist rapper ; it might br a hobby for now but take a few minutes to listen to this young man’s art and you will come to realise that : Teenagers are more intellectually gifted that one could have expected. A summary of current political affairs with some rhymes. A voice for thousand teens just lacking the platform to express their views.
Life is most definitely a platform but all the teenagers are found backstage. We are not seen nor heard. Our value isn’t recognised enough and in the end problems such as drug-addiction and suicide come into play. Let the children speak. You could learn a thing or two from juniors. Communication and learning are two-way streets. You speak and you listen.

“In this world the kids don’t stand a chance! A view expressed by internationally admired rapper Bobby Ray Simmons. If we do not challenge the status quo and encourage our elders to start listening then our reality will remain an infinite nightmare of silent ghosts.

– an essay by PHILA DYASI. Written 1 February 2013 #nublaccsoul


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