“ The more things change ; the more they remain the same. ” – Jean Baptiste Karr. Since Before-Christ humans have worshipped he who speaks the loudest amongst the masses. To these few individuals we have given praise, applause and admiration. But we have to ask ourselves how great would leaders be without followers?

Lights ; camera ; action! The star of the show steps on stage , and gives a performance worthy to be remembered. He is appreciated with a standing ovation and flowers at his feet. After the show a crowd of teenage girls awaits him for an autograph. Forgotten are those on the other side of the curtain. The script-writers, sound and light engineers, the make-up artists , the choreographers and the director of a stellar production. It is said by many media figures that backstage is where the ‘real’ money is but also where lies the most work. I ask myself, “What would Batman be without his ‘sidekick’,Robin? Next time when I watch a movie premier I’d like to see people take photos with the backstage crew, to give credit where it is due.

A person’s true character is revealed when that person is under pressure. Behind the closed doors of the dressing room backstage an actor is refined by means of make-up to enhance appearance , to cover all flaws , to look like a superstar. We are all our true selves when not in full view of people. It seems surreal when you hear that the very star looked up to is fighting drug addiction. We end up lost in the haze of our own imaginations, forgetting that we are only human and therefore flawed. We sell dreams to children that the personality they idolise is perfect.

In my couch-potato days I was always more fascinated by “behind-the-scenes” video clips than the edited piece. Reality is something people can actually relate to. I am the starlet of my own reality show that is my life. Behind the stage- curtains is my beloved mother and grandparents. Phila Dyasi is an artwork that has been moulded by the aforementioned to be who he is today- chizzled by discipline, moral instillation and fired in the furnace that is life to be stronger and better. My friends, “The Brotherhood “has developed my social skills,humour and human-interaction skills. And the sound engineers that are all my English educators since primary school for my oratory and writing skills and recent success in being placed second in a national essay competition.

Sixolile Dyasi, my distant relative once commented , “Artists forget that they need their fans more than their fans need them.” It is the populations that selects a leader so what is fundamental is the mindeset of those who “pull the strings” to the “puppet” that is the face of the show. When Comrade Nelson Mandela exclaimed, “Amandla (Power) !” , and the people responded, “Amethu ( To the people ) ! ” It showed the power of people. It is said that it takes a community to raise a child. Give honour to all those who sacrificed their lives in the good fight against the oppressor (not included in the ‘History’ textbooks.)

I was recently surprised to learn that world-star football player Cristiano Ronaldo was to buy this physiotherapists supercars because he won the best-player prize for 2013/2014. It is the work of many ordinary men that accumulates to extraordinary feats. Spare a word of praise to those that are ‘backstage’ in all sphere of life who are working to make sure that the star on stage stays bright as the sun.

[ Written: 22 January 2014 ] NuBlaccSoUl


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