i would be happy if My People were free.

“Man is free ; but everywhere in chains.” I cannot fault this flawless statement by a French revolutionary. In 1994 we indeed gained political freedom from the apartheid regime but a born-free I am not. I might not know the hardships and sacrifices of “the struggle” but I do acknowledge those that fought for my freedom. But I am not completely free. I face my own struggles as a third-world-country citizen which “toyi-toying” cannot resolve.

Money is the root to all evil-wrong! The lack of money is the root to all evil so in fact money (presence thereof) is synonymous with happiness. Before you judge the depth of my character or lack thereof allow me to justify my views. Six in ten South Africans are unemployed,of the forty per cent that does contribute to the economy, seventy-five per cent of them are drowning in debt. And it is not because of purchasing luxuries but credit spent on essential items. South Africans need monetary emancipation.
There needs to be a revisit to the monetary distribution system of the country. Too much money is misused and budgets are exceeded every financial year. Ministers and other MP’s are paid massive amounts for inefficient services. These funds should be used to increase poorly-paid public servants such as, the “mother of all professions” – educators , policemen and nurses in public clinics and hospitals.

There are three ways in which one can die in South Africa : (if our notorious criminals do not get to you first) probably the deadly HIVirus will arrange your meeting with your maker but if you dodge that rest assured anxiety, stress or force of hunger will be your angel of death. In a country with one of the highest HIV/Aids infection rates in the whole world, one of the highest levels of criminal activity and widespread stricken poverty,death before 50 years is a probable factor. The government is failing its people. Public figures that should ideally be exemplary are showering after unprotected sex with an HIV positive woman. Corruption and fraud are now factors that make up the DNA of the rainbow-nation culture. Money that should be helping the poor is further widening the economic gap by elevating the rich to stinking-richer heights. Corrupt police officials are the real criminals. When will my people be set free from worry?

Instinctively all humans are animals. In the heat of the moment all rational-thinking is aborted and mob-behaviour is adopted. The on-going xenophobic attacks are pure evil by conformers and devilish ring-leaders. A hardworking international is assaulted resulting in grievious bodily harm all in the name of , “these foreigners are stealing our jobs.” And to add fuel to the fire policemen drag a fellow African brother across a tarmac chained to a van resulting in death due to injuries. Maybe the worst kind of animalistic behaviour comes from the by-standers, conforming to a code of silence. Such passive behaviour is nothing short of retardness.

We have come a long way ; to be in a school that represents the wonderful rainbow nation that this land is ,is something I do not take for granted. One day we will be free from poverty , corruption , crime , the scurge of HIV/Aids, racism, xenophobia , poor governance , debt , conformity, intellectual boundaries and other various third-world dilemmas. When the free-generation votes again in 2018, I hope an ‘X’ will not necessarily be placed next to a political party with a face similar to the voter’s nor one that promises the stars and the moon but only delivers the sky but instead, vote for the one that will fight for the underdog. I will be happy ,truly blissful , the day my people, all types of Africans are free from the struggles we face. Maybe the pigs in ‘Animal Farm’ were accurate it seems, to paraphrase them I say, “We are all equal ; but some are more equal than others. ”

[ I wrote this September last year. Funny how its still relevant. ]



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