Six Things Most Black People Don’t Realize They Have (à la @VerashniPillay & @Ernstroets)

Yes, this is another serving of our staple: South Africa’s ongoing (and necessary) race discussion.  So as a tribute to Verashni Pillay and her “six things” article, Ernst Roets and his 7-point piece, and also to whoever will publish the next installment in this series (I’m looking at you, reader), I put it to you that

1.) Black People Have Minds

which we’ve surrendered to what I’d like us to call elderiarchy.  This is a system wherein elders are regarded as right about all things and having rights in all things whether they’re right or not.  It’s almost ageism’s opposite.  When you try to point out the coerciveness of this system, you’re told it works through persuasion, through people talking and consulting one another the way culture requires.  Having seen firsthand how this “talking” and its gender, hierarchical and generational inequalities work to serve the interests of some more than of others, I beg to differ.


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