We are liable to our actions and equally culpable to our passiveness when we are ought to take action. Mother-nature, our world, operates on an inter-dependent system and it is our shared responsibility to preserve the ecosystems, habitats and species as they have a direct effect on the continua of all animals and the prevention of more extinction and endangerment of plants and animals. My role as a citizen of Earth is to be constantly proactive in the education of people about the world we live in and in creating awareness about the socio-economic and environmental issues that need our most urgent attention. It is essential that we rise up and help save the Black Rhino, Javan Rhino, Giant Panda, Bengal Tiger and African Wild Dog amongst others for the cultural value in our communities and their roles in the food chain and because it is the responsible and morally correct act to carry out because we owe equal citizenship and ownership with animals.

It is lack of compassion and pure apathy from man to misuse and abuse artillery (guns and bombs) to terrorize and bludgeon our fellow-men, inhumane acts of brutal and slow slaughtering of animals when we could use these tools for the development of our world, for example : nuclear bombs used to level grounds for the building of schools, roads and state hospitals instead of the futile, merciless slaughtering of innocent civilians of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It is only through peaceful resolutions by means of discussions handled by a mediator. If violence solved problems then World War I would have been the best event to happen but it wasn’t. Our birth role as Humans, as the most knowledgeable of all species is to safe-guard what was given to us so that we can pass it on like a relay-baton when our run is complete. We can no longer stray from our pre-determined paths; it is of important that we honour our roles.

It is generally culture and its practises that realises the importance of the sustainability of natural resources, whether it is by re-planting to replace a plant used for traditional medicine which could be the only income of that particular ‘sangoma’ (traditional healer). The issue arises when greedy, parasitic, western pharmaceutical companies exploit the land with little or no beneficial incentives for the uneducated aborigines of the place. It is the government’s duty to protect excess foreign involvement when it comes to state resources. Or we will inevitably lose our surroundings (non-renewable resources) and indirectly the knowledge of the people when they can no longer afford to live.
When it comes to environmental destruction it is a catch-22 situation because forests are cleared to create space for the overpopulated earth and for factories to meet the demands of food and other essentials by the people. Yet these very practises are threatening our planet with the reality of global warming and the only way we can change this is for people to be self-sufficient and go back to planting vegetables and fruits in their gardens or if big land is accessible,subsistence farming is the way.

We should all play an active role in recycling, reusing and reducing waste matter. We must avoid littering and encourage the same with others.
If we can walk instead of driving then we should to lessen our carbon-footprint.
We must monitor each other when it comes to fishing limits or hunting quotas where officials are absent.
Alleviating stricken poverty in the world is not only the moral responsibility of the wealthy and the governments but also the civil duty of every citizen to help the needy and poor with food, clothing and providing a shelter if possible.
We are all human-beings and that makes us capable of doing anything another human can do. I will continue to fulfil my role as a citizen in volunteering in society-uplifting projects, in leading an eco-friendly lifestyle, in protecting the rights of animals and plants from self-centred malevolent individuals and corporations by any means necessary. I will use my oratory skills and writing skills to empower people with education about their surroundings and how to care for it.


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