We’re a good partnership, you and I!

There is immense revolutionary power in numbers united behind a common goal. The eternal essence of this truth was realised by colonialists  and thus proceeded with their imposition when they divided and conquered the original people of Africa.

In the past males were elevated to play the dominant role and females submissive inferiors in the family scene. The legacy of this poisonous, misogynous and patriarchal system of control is  being kept as inheritance for an otherwise open-minded and intellectually proactive children. Gender equity is only but a rumour. Societal double standards continue to marginalize women.

It is an unfortunate truth that the adults of tomorrow are raised up being force-fed the foolish opinion that their views and voices are of no real importance. We owe it to the future and to continuity of our species to save our kids. And to learn from them as much as we expect them to learn from us.

The greatest type of human-being is a balanced one and therefore the greatest community is one that promotes togetherness, the input of persons of all walks of life because many-a-time it has been proven that the greatest feats carried through are those of a thousand hands from recent memorial, the Arab Spring revolution in Arab states, to the Apartheid regime that was abolished in my homeland, SouthAfrica, 21 years ago.

For effective partnerships to exist there must be equality, not just theoretically, but to be implemented, monitored and maintained.  I am not a pro-feminist or any label that has a tunnel vision but I give my utmost praise to Brazil, Finland, Indonesia, Chile, Liberia and Malawifor giving a nod to a female head-of-state. Especially the two latter nations which have accomplished unorthodox feats in my native continent where male-dominance is the order of the day. It is the common denominator that we are all humans that we should exploit and improve the living conditions in this poverty-stricken continent of ours. The collaboration of ideas of all genders, ethic-groups, religions and cultures will bring about a multitude of effective strategies to better ourselves.It is key that all role-players are kept in the loop as to what is going on in any movement or project. It is the ideal of transparency whether it is in a home, between parents or in the running of acountry, amongst politicians especially when it comes to finance. This eliminates unnecessary feuds and melodrama. With transparency comes the right to speak up, to question irregularities and the responsibility to listen attentively, comprehend and make a soundconclusion after weighing up all factors.

A person once told me that before you get married make sure you agree with your partner when it comes to politics, monetary-matters and ofcourse, the most sensitive of them all, religion. Now that I think of it, I strongly disagree. When it comes to partnerships of all natures it is mutual respect that is to reign supreme. When one respects another’s views and beliefs then one comes to place of sacrifice and compromise to find common grounds and thus true teamwork transpires . The unwritten law that tags along with mutual respect is that you realise that the other half of this partnership will not jeopardise this union in any manner because they have(or should have) infested half the energy, half the time and half the capital and you the other halves. This also embodies trust which is when you expect the other half of the partnership to: do the right thing; does what they say will do and be comfortable enough to say when they need help.The foundation is the fundamental stage of anything and if it is unstable, cracks will surely appear and the great fall like the Jericho wall will be devastating to all.  All stakeholder so it is essential that core values are similar. It is not ideal that partners be clones of one another but have synonymous morals and traits and value integrity. This will allow for a flexible but efficient partnership.I know only a handful of people that I can call or email at any time of the day to be of assistance and these people are golden. Your partner must be reliable and so must you. If you are not reliable, you cannot be trusted and mutual respect will be lost and so forth so the basics will also crumble if this is not done correctly. This trait will allow for chemistry to flow in the partnership and synergy will make the pairing a huge and notable success.With age comes rare wisdom and knowledge accumulated over many years and experience and thus that I say the elderly is the wise owls ofany era in time. With that being said, the youth are equally important. Young people bring innovative ideas to the world, technologic advancements and healthy science discoveries to prolonglife. It is thus that we must be aware that both parties-the young and aged are critical to our lives.

Partnerships open windows of opportunity for each member of a particular partnership to be enabled to network and build relationships to strengthen already existing bonds.  People can thus identify other people that can bring value, experience and support. Every move should be effective and done to advance the broader community of the community. Each member should be proactive on the daily and match required needs. All these strategies will aid the common vision of the partnership and will return rewards and recognition which will propel partners to great success.

The profound part of partnerships that is often forgotten is time to play/have fun whether it is a formal or casual setting because recreational recess is fundamental in celebrating success. This empowers and encourages all stake-holders to realize that their efforts are recognized. It helps to motivate people for new challenges and create major momentum and build a sense of pride.We are humans. We love companionship. The worst hell would be to beisolated from society. The bonds were made with the next person lay the bricks for a foundation for a partnership or a friendship. We co-exist because that is our build; that is how we must be to prosper properly. Whatever we do affects something or someone. It is the sound philosophy of Ubuntu (Humanity) that tells me that: “I am because you are.” 

– Phila NuBlaccSoUl Dyasi.

…in my humble opinion #NuBlaccSoUl


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