For as long as I memory can serve me, I have always wanted to be rich and famous. That was (or still is) my original dream. When my peers had noble profession pursuits in mind- such as being a teacher, nurse,  medical doctor, a lawyer, an accountant, an engineer and so forth- I merely wanted the fortune and the fame. I still do. Since 2009, when I was thirteen-years-old I knew this. The only question that remained then and still… is that of HOW?

Fast forward a few years and I have to select a subject-package  to do for the last three years of high school and consequently begin to mould the rest of my life from an otherwise shapeless… . And I was still uncertain with my life intentions so I chose a package to keep my options as wide as the west is from the east. Physical Sciences; Life Sciences;  Mathematics; Accounting. A counter-progressive concoction of lack of aptitude and negative attitude assured my below par (by the standards of my overachieving  peers) achievement in the aforementioned subjects. A life lesson and disguised blessing those, no regrets. Not a single one!
A dream with no vision nor action plan is a destiny deferred. And so I’m in the bread aisle loafing on my life as time impatiently tick-tocks away. Well that was me. Not anymore. One of my goals for this year is to make R50 000 (my target because I have about 50k tweet between my two Twitter accounts and it is time to put money where my mouth is.) Writing is my avenue of hustle. It is time I turned the passion into a profitable profession. Paper for paper.

In my matric year, after much research I came to a monetary-orientated decision that a degree in commerce would be financially beneficial as opposed to a Bachelor of Arts and become a Journalist. That dream I’m still sleeping on for a snooze longer. I promised myself when I was at my aunt’s graduation, when one of the graduates was receiving a Doctoral degree in Economics, that one glorious day I would be a Dr Phila Dyasi. And so the quest for the highest honors in academia continues side-by-side with every other activity (writing mostly, I’m a poet) to be financially able to buy uMama a mansion in the hills and breakfast on boat in Cape Town. Not because that is enough for my Queen but it would make life a bit easier. Until then…

…in my humble opinion #NuBlaccSoUl


Author: NuBlaccSoul

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