a mutiple published poem by NuBlaccSoUl:


A nightmare with the sun out,
dark light.
White lies so blinding.
Black truths so frightening. 
It’s like I saw our future through a
fortune teller’s crystal ball,
had high, huge hopes for our love.

Let’s elope. 

I never thought I’d lose you like this…
That Johannesburg tremor shook and shifted
Our world’s planets apart 
but you are still a part of me,

But these words won’t come. 
At a loss for:
The handle on truth to find closure.

Emotionally a wreck, heart cracked.
The heartache, the pain that won’t divorce my soul.
The sorrow, the fact that the time we spent together was never enough!

(c) 2015. Phila Dyasi. All Rights Reserved. Intellectual Property of author.

#love   #feelings   #words   #sad   #life  #girl   #sadness   #memories  #relationship   #nublaccsoul  

…in my humble opinion #NuBlaccSoUl


Author: NuBlaccSoul

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