Lethal Legacy   

My life in my backpack,
with some oxygen tank,
pipes resuscitating dreams and giving breath
to water-filled lungs that once sank
a bare, black and blank stare.

The health system done killed not healed,
selling poison pills to the already ill;
premature death, the lawyer 
didn’t have time to draw up a will.

Misleading masses with matters
of their health is hazardous:
Pharmaceutical-Man is a murderer,
and Karma’s double-sharp knife

took his own son’s life.

© 2015 Phila Dyasi  All rights reserved.

#life   #death   #poison   #heritage  #legacy   #nublaccsoul  

…in my humble opinion #NuBlaccSoUl


Author: NuBlaccSoul

...writings & the other things

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