Aggregate before one;
balancing the losing leg,
befor we limped won some.
Together but apart 
like yellow-tulip petals.

And You told me 
that I never account 
for my debiting emotions
induced from monstrous motions,
because the talk now walks too.

Misguided misogyny
Preaching polygamy
When love is blessed 
by monogamy.
Every super man 
has his kryptonite
You can think. You can freak.
I need you at the crib tonight.

I need to move in
Like Jet-Li in that movie,
‘The One’.

All the hurt I caused
All the blunt blurted clauses
The tearstained rains
that cloud her morning sunshine.
Pains running down her face,
and my skin weeps too, for you.
No pot of gold or silver lining.
No rainbows, only grazed elbows
from sliding where it ain’t rain.

Graduate of Future Kids’ crèche
The young in age, still caged
With wire mesh
Left my filter for the litter @home
Should I fetch?

…in my humble opinion #NuBlaccSoUl


Author: NuBlaccSoul

...writings & the other things

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