New Slaves

FREEDOM! Are you free or are you dom? A rhetoric worth analysing. You have to be really ‘dom’ (stupid , very stupid) to think that you are free in any way. You are ; I am ; we are all new slaves!

I greet you reader in the name of Relisha Rudd , who has been missing since March 1st 2014 , possibly sold into the wide human-trafficking network or even dead. In the name of Amanda Berry who was kidnapped, raped and held captive for 11 whole years. In the names of 276 schoolgirls who were snatched in a Nigerian primary school hostel by militant group Boko Haram. In honour of child-soldiers forced to bear arms because of malevolent army generals. To those that are subject to terrorism- lives controlled by anxiety , fear and chaos. To us all.

I reject this false and idealistic belief that generational progression exists in terms of slavery because in essence the only change is the constant re-assigning of roles as to who gets to assume the role of oppressor and who,sadly, suffers as a slave in a particular era in time.

People of colour are no longer shipped off to America to pick-up cotton in the fields instead we are force-fed false information by corporations so that we feel inferior if we do not pick some branded cotton from the most luxurious stores. We are victims of materialism. We are made to be narcisstic. The more we spend ; the less happy we are. We live beyond our means just to be on par with the latest fashion trends.

We as consumers are generally ignorant to the fact that these capitalistically driven companies make use of the cheapest labour accessible, child labour! Famous sporting brands have been said to have their manufacturers/factories operate in this oppressive system to maximise profits at the expense of a child. We wear slave shoes not sneakers!

Children are further exploited in countries like Sierra Leone in the produce of diamonds with the blood and sweat of an underaged , underpaid and overworked is synonymous with the happiness of a lady with a diamond ring. The unfairness of the situation.

Our thoughts are never our own anymore. Our minds are chained by propaganda,publicized by a spineless society. We are taught that intelligence is one-dimensional,rigidly characterized by your excellence or lack thereof in Mathematics and Sciences. What if you have absolutely no prospects of being an engineer , a medical doctor or a scientist then the best you can be in our society is mediocre. This only places unnecessary pressure on pupils that thrive in other fields of study. A true intellectual is a rope-walker , one that can strike a balance between the artistic right-side of the brain and the “logical” left-side to create a whole being.

Nowadays we seem to enslave ourselves even, to narcotics , doing anything and everything to feed our pathetic habits. It is your body shouting an order to your brain and it miserably replying with a “Sorry Baas!” to your addiction. And the people who are most harmed are our loved ones – family and friends. It is an oppression that is too often seen as fun. But if so , then why was Ellen Packies , a 52 year-old lady from Cape Town , terrorized , robbed and abused by her own son Abbie Packies for seven whole years to the point where she had to kill her own son to get her life back.

Every town on a Friday night street-corners are occupied by seductively dressed ‘ladies of the night’ that have, because of poverty, resorted to self-slavery, prostitution, opening themselves up to abuse of every kind ; sexually transmitted diseases amongst many ills. And this will only cease when society as a collective aborts this sickening idea that women are for sale.

Jean-Jacque , a philospher once said, “Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains.” Cast off the oppressive restrictions that bound you and run slave, RUN and never,ever look back!

by PHILA DYASI #nublaccsoul